Largonet Ltd. has production line for PCB assembly, consisting of semi-automatic stencil printer, automatic Pick & Place machine, conveyor-loaded reflow oven, conveyor-loaded wave soldering machine, as well as various additional equipment such as small IR reflow oven, pneumatic T/P dispenser, soldering and rework stations etc.
All operations are carried out in dust-free, ESD-protected environment.

Stencil printer, model SR2700
Technical data:

Стенсил принтер TWS, модел SR2700

  • two independent motorized self-levelling squeeges with pneumatic pressure control
  • motorized stencil snap-off
  • maximal printing area: 480 х 420mm
  • maximal stencil size: 675 x 585mm
  • double-sided printing
  • accepts framed and non-framed stencils
  • minimal board thickness: 0.9mm
  • maximal board thickness: 8mm
  • camera assisted stencil centering (2 cameras)
  • magnetic and vacuum panel fixation systems

Pick & Place machine TWS, model  QUADRA Evo
Technical data:

  • works with packages TSOP, TNT, PLCC, QFP, BGA2025 (45x45mm), BGA, LCC, etc.
  • Pick & Place машина TWS, модел  QUADRA Evoplacement work space: 440 x 360mm, expandable to 550 x 420mm
  • minimal component package size: 0201
  • maximal component package size: 50 x 50mm
  • typical performance: 3300 cp./h, maximal: 4400 cp./h
  • placement accuracy:± 100μm
  • two-nozzle placement head
  • optical on-the-fly recognition and components centering (sniper);
  • computer vision recognition of components
  • magnetic fixation system for panel support during operation
  • up to 120 tape (8mm) feeders
  • 6 pneumatic stick feeders
  • double-sided assembly
  • automatic T/P dispenser for solder paste or glue
  • works with components in trays, pallets, tape rolls and sticks

Reflow oven TWS, model QV1385
Technical data:

  • heating tunnel of length 2m with combined chain&mesh conveyor
  • 4 horizontal heating zones with individual digital (PID) temperature control, and 1 cooling zone
  • maximal panel/board width: 400mm
  • embedded standard thermal profiles for Lead and Lead-free soldering
  • support of user-defined thermal profiles
  • user-controlled conveyor speed
  • soldering in nitrogen atmosphere*

Wave soldering machine IEMME, model ARIES 300 C
Technical data:

  • acceptable panel size: between 50 х 50mm and  300 х 400mm
  • variable inclination angleМашина за спояване тип "вълна" IEMME, модел ARIES 300 C
  • automatic flux application before soldering
  • IR zone for pre-heating with regulated temperature
  • Titanium pot
  • digital (PID) control of pot and pre-heater temperatures
  • can work with Lead and Lead-free alloys
  • manual and automatic control
  • variable conveyor speed: 0-200mm/min
  • regulated wave height
  • soldering in nitrogen atmosphere*

Additional equipment:

  • professional soldering stations
  • hot-air rework stations
  • IR reflow oven with various thermal profiles for  SMD components soldering
  • semi-automatic pneumatic dispenser for solder paste and glue
  • cable processing unit
  • cable crimping machine*
  • cable tester*
  • 3D printer*
  • laser cutter*
  • CNC router*

Development equipment:

  • Regulated desktop power supplies
  • Digital dual-channel oscylloscope with spectrum-analyzer, 100МHz, 1gSa/s
  • Analog dual channel oscylloscope
  • Programmers for microcontrollers and memory chips