• design of functional and schematic diagrams of digital and mixed analog-digital modules, units and systems
  • PCB design
  • firmware development
  • software (Windows) development
  • face panels design


  • building prototypes of products developed on request
  • testing prototypes
  • preparation of technological documentation and preparation production data for serial manufacturing of prototyped modues


Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)*

  • single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer (up to 8 layers)
  • surface finish: HASL/ Lead-free HASL
  • solder mask (various colors)
  • silkscreen (various colors)
  • laser-cut/etched stencils

Technological processes&operations

  • applying soldering paste using stencil printer (stencil required)
  • applying solder paste using pneumatic T/P displpenser (small series only)
  • manual loading of TH components
  • manual placement of SMD components (small series only)
  • automatic placement of SMD components (P&P program required)
  • manual soldering of TH components – Lead/Lead-free
  • wave soldering of TH components (Lead only)
  • IR reflow soldering of SMD components (small series only) – Lead/Lead-free
  • convection reflow soldering of SMD components – Lead/Lead-free
  • laser engraving and cutting*
  • CNC engraving and cutting*
  • silkscreen printing
  • cable cutting, stripping and crimping*
  • cable assemblies


  • PCB electrical tests with flying probe (PCB file required)*
  • module electrical/logical tests (additional information is required per product type)
  • module functional tests (techncal documentation is required)


  • PCB materials
  • electronic components
  • technological materials 


  • export and delivery to countries within EU
  • export and delivery to countries outside EU

* part of described technological operations can be done by our trusted sub-contractors,  with full warranty covered by Largonet Ltd.